Resizing your watch
We will pack the watch in its original size (22mm). Visit your local jewelry shop to resize your watch. It is important that it is done with care. We recommend you to not go and try to resize your watch by yourself. If you really want to do it yourself, you could use a precision screwdriver (stripe) of 1.2-1.4mm.

Set time & date
Step 1: Remove the white plastic hook underneath the crown.
Step 2: Pull the crown until the first click to set the date.
Step 3: Pull the crown one click further to set the time.
Step 4: Push the crown all the way back & push the button above the crown to start your watch.

Sunlight & heat
Contact with sunlight is inevitable. But if you are going tanning, we recommend you to take off your watch. Extreme heat and UV radiation are not good for the watch.

Although the watch is 5ATM water resistant, we advise you not to wear it in the shower or while swimming so it keeps its shine for a longer time. Also be careful with frequent sweating, therefore take the watch off during exercise. 

Be careful with using perfume near your watch. It is not good for the color and shine.

How to clean
It i
s best to clean the glass of your watch with a soft cloth (microfiber). You can gently scrub the links with a dry toothbrush with soft hair. You can also use dental floss for between the links, but make sure that they are very soft. This way you prevent any damage. Don’t use any water. You can also choose to clean your watch professionally at your local jewelry shop from time to time.

Damage to the watch because of one of the above described issues, is not covered by the warranty. So please be careful!


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